Vintage Charm is Preserved and Enhanced by Refinishing These Sturdy Relics

Experience the transformation of a vintage kitchen in Wilbur, where we worked our magic on these original 1960s handcrafted cabinets. Embracing the charm of yesteryear, we updated these sturdy relics to accommodate modern appliances. The cooktop cabinet made way for a sleek free-standing range, while a custom pantry cabinet seamlessly replaced the old oven cabinet. By repurposing the existing yellowing cabinet doors with 3/8 lip, we meticulously scuffed, base-coated, and glazed them to perfection, creating a stunning faux wood grain finish that precisely matched the client's chosen sample. This project showcases our expertise in preserving the timeless appeal of vintage kitchens while seamlessly integrating contemporary elements, making us the go-to choice for custom cabinet refinishing.

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