Think outside the box!

This project in Ritzville, showcases our abilities to effortlessly blend style with practicality. Despite the challenges presented by a tight space and a limited budget, our team at Tramco Kitchen and Bath successfully navigated the unique requests of our client, resulting in a kitchen that exceeds expectations.

The installation features stunning glass doors on the accent wall, creating a visually striking focal point. The undercounter cooler for drinks adds a modern touch, complemented by the owner's installation of grey-black tiles. Our faux marble laminate countertops, complete with a solid surface edge, provide both durability and elegance, seamlessly incorporating the undermount farmhouse sink. Even with unconventional design requirements, such as centering the range on the window and placing the hood against the ceiling, our cabinets proved to be the perfect solution. At Tramco Kitchen and Bath, we pride ourselves on turning challenging visions into reality, proving that even the most unique requests can be met with style and functionality.

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