Qwikkit Cabinet Doors for Refacing

Qwikkit Cabinet Doors for Refacing

Refacing kits for a fast and easy cabinet makeover. Our all-in-one kit comes with everything needed to renovate kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

· A variety of colors and door styles

· Standard and soft-close hidden hinges in multiple overlays

· A broad selection of knobs and pulls

· Primer and paint that match our doors

· Screws, rubber bumpers, false front brackets, touch-up materials, and all items to finish the job

· Jigs to easily and accurately drill doors for hardware

The surface of our doors is a high-tech super film, manufactured in Europe. It is scratch and abrasion-resistant, stain-resistant, chemical resistant, light-fast and easy to clean. Water beads up and runs off. The material won’t fade or yellow. It’s unaffected by 212° dry heat or steam and contains no plasticizers or formaldehyde.

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